We offer various treatments and procedures in our specialised Skin Clinic. Our services include mole mapping, skin cancer screening as well as minor cosmetic procedures.

Laser Therapy

Laser resurfacing is a method for removing the upper layers of skin using a wand-like laser tool. It is sometimes called “laser peeling” because it removes old skin cells to expose more youthful cells. The laser gives the dermatologist accurate control over the depth of the treatment reducing any impact to the surrounding tissue.

Mole Mapping

Mole mapping is generally a non-invasive procedure using dermoscopy to examine the skin for malignant melanoma. Mole mapping allows us to diagnose melanoma by recognising fresh moles or shifts in pre-existing moles at the earliest possible stages.

Melanoma Detection

Using painless early detection tests like epiluminescence microscopy or dermoscopy, we are able to detect melanomas in the early stages. A handheld decide is used to examine and evaluate the size, shape, and pigmentation in skin lesions.

Skin Cancer Surgery

Our resident GPs are highly qualified in skin cancer surgery and provide thorough examination and treatment for any identified cancers. We perform skin cancer checks, mole removal and minor surgical procedures including excisions and biopsies.

Our Services